4 Simple Strategies For Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a way to draw indisputable traffic to a website over the search engine results. It is an essential and rapidly growing tool which helps a business in a big way. There are lots of online business owners who want to optimize their social media presence for getting web traffic that’s only possible by the Social Media Optimization. There are lots of people who running around the question why SMO is important for any business.


Most significant reason behind it is that the lines between the social media marketing and search engine marketing are becoming increasing day by day. They have been looked at as two separate and distinct aspects of the marketing to boost your company’s online presence. If you are looking to hire a leading company that proffers state of the art Search Media Optimization service then SEO Company Noida is best option for you.

SEO Company Noida

They always laid a helping hand in establishing the indomitable presence in Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others channels. In the simple word, Search Media Optimization can lift your site above your competitors and traffic to your site as friends encourage their friends to digest specific content. It is not just about building a bigger social media presence for your brand but also leads to enrich the Search Engine Optimization.

For Social Media Optimization, SEO Company in Noida uses lots of effective and winning strategies to offer you a strong social network presence without much effort.

Augment the Strategy:

A lack of Social Media strategy has been a roadblock for many companies. To a certain extent, it still fairly new because it is always keep changing and come with new once. Lots of companies feel that lack of strategy is the topmost barrier keeping them from becoming a social business. So if you want to optimize your social media marketing campaign, you need to augment you strategy with clear defined goals and objectives.

Optimize Company Profile:

Creating the profile of any company seems very simple and easy task for an individual, yet it is one of the first areas of SMO where business falls short. Your company’s profile page is your foundation, if it is weak then it is quite cucumber to build anything on top of it. So it is quite important for you to optimize your company’s profile. Use username, profile photo, cover photo and write clear state what your company does.

Share Content:

Most of you, probably heard the saying that “content is king” when it comes to SEO. Well, the same thing is true when we talked about Search Media Optimization. Content drives social media so it is well to say that without sharing quality content, you cannot be able to succeed with social media marketing.

Enrich The Posting Schedule:

There are lots of people who become fall to get higher presence over the Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. So if you want to get better result on Social media sites then it is necessary to optimize your posting schedule. There are pool of tools and tactics available to make this process a lot of easier through calculating the best time to post on the social media accounts for the highest engagement.

Step by step Guide to Create Social Media Marketing Plan that works

The digitally savvy brands that are observed very early on social media are an essential part of their general marketing tactics and a perfect channel to achieve their business objectives. Not every brand makes their social media presence much effective. As a result, these brands sooner or later reach a social media marketing dead-end, struggling with development, engagement and measuring the impact of their social media movement on their business.



Every activity you perform on social media, every tweet you post, every comment you answer to, is or should be, part of your complete existence on social media and yet another way to market your brand. For achieving this, creating a social media marketing strategy from beginning, can be boring and time-consuming task. But once you do it, it will save your a ton of time and efforts in the future.

The experts of SEO Service Noida, with their several years of experience in SEO field will explain what actually social media marketing is? What are the necessary steps to achieve success in marketing your brand on social media?

About Social Media Market Plan

It is an abstract of everything you plan to do and aim to accomplish for your business using social media. The more determined your plan is the more effectively you will implement it. But before moving forward with your plan, keep in mind that you’ll basically use this as a manual for all your future social media marketing activities. So it needs to be clear and concise.

To help you out in this context, here is a step-by-step guide which you can use to establish an ideal social media marketing plan for your product.

Step 1: Set your goals

Before performing any activity on social media, you should clearly interpret your goals and objectives .Your social media marketing goals should be associated with your gross business strategy simply because social media is an essential advertising tool with an extraordinary potential for helping you achieve your business goals.


Step 2: Analyze your audience 

It is important to analyze your audience first before making social media marketing strategy. This will help you to better implement content strategy, perform social media actions and guides you to which platform you should focus on.

In contrast, if your targeted audience is not defined, accumulate the data you need on your audience’s statistics and psychographic qualities by looking at your site’s analytics or by putting together quick surveys that will help you to better outline the profiles of your current and potential clients.

Step 3: Choose your platforms

Select the platforms that are more likely to have huge impact for your business and such platforms are ones that your audience is using and that are appropriate to your product or service. There is a bunch of social media platforms out there, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be present on each of them.

Your competitor’s presence and your customer’s profile are the two factors you should focus on while choosing the right social media platforms for your business.

Step 4: Create a content strategy

Sorting out the way you make content helps you spare a considerable measure of time in managing social media but also permits you to have a clear overview of what type of content you post over distinct platforms, allows you to better plan your social media marketing efforts and of course provides you a provision when you get to the “What should I post now” point.

The simplest approach to organize a content calendar is by utilizing a separate sheet for every month, with exercises further broken down by month or day, depending on the volume of content you plan to publish.

  • Decide how often you should post across platforms

Despite the fact that there are some broad general guidelines on the posting frequency for each social media platform, a definitive posting formula is distinct for every account as it frequently relies upon the business and audience, the type of content you post and of course the platform itself.



  • Decide what to post and where

When you have settled on the best frequency and timing formula for each platform it is time to decide the type of content to post on each platform. If you have marketing efforts already planned consistently, then you are able to start thinking your message, the visuals and the platforms you will want to use.


  • Write your copy and create your visuals

While composing your social media copy, remember that length matters. On twitter, tweets that are 100 to 115 characters in length will probably be retweeted.

Similarly on Facebook, posts that are maximum 40 characters in length do improve regarding engagement, while Google+ and LinkedIn call for longer updates.


  • Fill up your social media content calendar

By this way, you will acquire an overview of what you are publishing on every platform and it is much simpler to plan applicable content on important dates such as brand releases, holidays and so on.

Keep in mind that on social media, it is fine to repeat content as long as you present it in a modern way using a different visual or copy for example. In fact, repeating content on social is a key to boosting traffic and expanding your reach.

Step 5: Test and Revise

It is necessary that you should revise your social media plan on a regular basis in order to make sure that you’re on the right path when it comes to achieving your goals.


Aside from the continuous measuring and checking of your social media activity, frequent social media audits, ideally once every three months, are the approach with a specific end goal to make a stride back and assess not just the core of your social media methodology, but also its execution.

This is what social media audit should cover more or less:

  • Review of your Social Media profiles

Find all the social media accounts for your brand and note down the current status and audience size. Along with this make essential updates in their look and feel as well as in the profile descriptions.

  • Review Competition 

Create a list of the competitor’s accounts you are interested in looking and analyze your social media behavior.

Points to look at:

  1. Social Media presence and Audience size.
  2. Type of content.
  3. Frequency of posting.
  4. Average engagement per post.
  • Assess your Social Media activity

Based on the data you have, you should be able to revise your presence on social media platform and check whether you have sufficient traffic or not.

Consequently, creating a social media strategy from scratch can take a considerable measure of your time. Yet, the long-term advantage of having a clearly-defined social media strategy exceeds the initial time investment you put in. What is essential to remember is that a social media marketing strategy should work like your brand’s guide and furnish you with direction on how to accomplish your business objectives utilizing social media.