How to Write Best SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

Among the most ideal approaches to drive traffic to your most earlier posts is to make them search engine friendly by optimizing those articles. A well optimized and high ranked article is the best source of earning extra income from various sources such as advertisers and back links.

The motive of this blog is to guide the content writers and bloggers in their SEO strategy with the goal that they can hold and keep up the first rank in the relevant Google search. Suggested by the experts of SEO Service Noida, you have to follow these essential things and keep on writing the remarkable and organic content with whole commitment, success will definitely be yours. Below are some tips to write perfect SEO optimized articles in WordPress.


  1. Meta Title and Post Title


For beginners, let us look first the difference between a Meta title and Post title.

Meta Title- The title that search engines see and then show as a search result.

Post Title- How your reader sees the title of the post on your website.


If you exclude the Meta title in your site’s SEO settings, then your post title will appeared as the Meta title. Meta title should be strong and contain the target keyword of the blog or article and sufficiently proficient to draw in the audiences to you. The bloggers are recommended to put the same title in the post URL from it seems quite important. If anybody is looking the specific keyword, then it is helpful for you as your link already has the same. According to Google trends, short URLs get the speedier indexing than the longer ones so try to keep the title restricted to 70 characters. Also, abstain from changing The URL after once you have published the blog.


  1. Meta Description


This is the fundamental part of your blog, it is the place you depict the blog’s content. Generally, all the SEO plugins let you to merge Meta depiction in your blog or article. In 160 characters, a blogger has to add the keywords and create a description. This is the text that Google uses to publish underneath to your page title in any search, so make your earnest attempts to write the description in the basic and inquisitive way that welcome the visitor to open the link and visit your page.


  1. Meta Keywords


The keywords are the sagaciously figured outset of words or the phrases that the online users type to search anything. Considerable point is that the blogger abstain from stuffing the extra keywords in the article known as keyword spamming. Also, the keyword thickness of your article should not surpass by the 2-3%.


  1. Inter Link and Anchor Text


It is an ideal approach to indexing all your web pages. This makes it simple for readers to locate your prior work and alarms the search engine spider to re-crawl your older work. This results in better navigability of your site which diminishes the bounce rate-another imperative SEO factor. At the time of interlinks, you should use the anchor text technique. When you link to a blog post, you see an alternative to include a link and a title. Be ensured to fill out the post title with the main keywords for the post that you are linking to.


  1. H1,H2,H3 Headings


In order to make your article as a perfect SEO optimized one, you should put the title in three main tags and these are H1, H2 and H3.

Like this – <h1>heading</h1>.


It will also very helpful if you utilize the sub-headings in the article as they permit the better navigation.

  1. Image Alt Text


Typically the Google robots or spiders can’t read the images you have utilized as a part of the article. So if you have contained the images in your articles, keep in mind to add the significant keyword to Image Alt Text so that the images also can be indexed and the robots can understand that what the image is referred to. You should name the image that is significant to the title and the topic of the article.


  1. Bold italic underlined


The title and the Meta keywords used inside the article should be in bold, italic and underline format as it provides them better visibility.


In conclusion, a blogger should reliably try his best to discover his weak points, learn from the mistakes and write SEO optimized articles to guarantee the accomplishment on his part. And while optimization can be somewhat scary for those new to the game, if you simply relax and follow these tips, the search engines will help in sending the people to your blog in the blink of an eye.

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