Impacts of HTML5 on SEO

For quite a long while, digital marketers have been endeavoring to make sites that search engines would drive important users to. They have been using every tool in their SEO utility belt—from optimizing content to creating a social following. The following are the four core regimens of an SEO:

  • Content
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Technology

But all to often, SEOs see the content or links while first forgetting that SEO touches every aspects of the site and after that neglecting to take a look at the engine that’s driving the car, the website’s code.

Having a significant coded page could be the additional touch your site needs to expand index ability and enhance precise indexing. This is the place HTML5 become possibly the most important factor.

html-5 SEO Noida

HTML 5 is still taking shape yet for any SEO master, who tries to look ahead, some learning about HTML 5 and how it will affect SEO is not pointless information. The reality of the matter is that the progressions and the new concepts in HTML 5 will affect Web developers and designers much more than SEO yet at the same time it is a long way from reality to state that HTML 5 won’t mean changes in the Organic SEO approach.

At first look, it might be seen as though HTML 5 is moving in the direction of programming language i.e. PHP but actually it is not. It still remains XML–based presentation language. The new tags and elements might make HTML 5 look more complicated but these tags added more functionality in HTML which is convenient to use by web designers. HTML 5 includes lot of new features to the HTML specification. Also, what’s far superior, there is already some constrained browser support for these new features.

HTML 5 is not very distinct from its previous version i.e. HTML4. One of the fundamental concepts in the development of HTML 5 was to guarantee backward similarity which concludes that HTML 5 is not the whole upgrade of the HTML specification. So, there are no reasons to worry that you will have to start learning it from beginning, these worries are worthless.

The experts of SEO Services Noida, explains what are those changes in the HTML 5 specification, which will affect Search Engine Optimization. Here are some of them:

  • Enhanced page segmentation- Search engines are getting quick witted and there are various reasons to think that why they are still applying page segmentation. The term page segmentation means that a page is divided into several separate parts like main content, menus, headers, footers, links sections, etc. which are indicated as separate entries.


  • <section> tag- The <section> tag is used to recognize separate sections on a page, chapter or a book. The advantage of this tag is that each section can have its separate HTML heading. Using this tag, it can be expected that search engines will pay more attention to the contents of different sections. For example, if the words of a search string are found in one segment, this means higher importance as compared to when these words are discovered all across the page or in discrete sections.


  • <article> tag- The <article> tag is possibly the good inclusion from a SEO perspective. This permits to mark separate entries in an online publication, such as a blog or a magazine. It is supposed that when articles are enclosed with the <article> tag, this will make the HTML code cleaner because it will minimize the need to use <div> tags for creating separate portions. Probably search engines will put more value on the content inside the this tag as compared to the contents on the alternate parts of the page.


  • <header> tag- The <header> tag is a gift for SEO experts because it gives a lot of adaptability. The <header> tag is same as the <H1> tag but the difference is that it contains a considerable measure of stuff, such as H1, H2, H3 elements, entire sections of content, hard–coded links and any other kind of info you feel important to incorporate.


  • <footer> tag The <footer> tag won’t be as valuable as the <header> one but still it permits to incorporate important information there and it can be utilized for SEO purposes also. The <header> and <footer> tags can be utilized several times on one page that is you can have a separate header/footer for every section and this offers good amount of  flexibility.


  •  <nav> tag- Navigation is among the most important aspects for SEO and everything that facilitates navigation is welcome. This tag can be used to identify a collection of links to different pages.

html-5 SEO

The recent tags follow the common structure of a standard page and each of the parts such as header, footer, main section has a different tag. The tags that are portrayed here are only a portion of the new tags which are introduced in HTML 5 and affecting SEO in some way. For example, <audio>, <video> or <dialogue> tags are also part of the HTML 5 standard and they will permit to further separate the content into the sufficient categories.

At the point when more pages get to be HTML 5–compliant, search engines will pay more attention to HTML 5. At exactly that point will be possible to know how precisely search engines will treat HTML 5 pages. The mass adoption of HTML 5 won’t occur early and it is a easy to say that for now you can use HTML 4.Furthermore, it will take some time for browsers to adjust to HTML 5, which additionally defers the moment when HTML 5 will be all over the place.

However, once HTML 5 is acknowledged and put to utilize it will be the overwhelming standard for the years to come and that is why you might want to watch out for what other website admins are doing, just to ensure that you won’t miss the minute when HTML 5 turns into the defector standard.

Learn How To Maintain Your SEO Ranking with SEO Services Noida

As a marketer, you have worked so hard to reach the top spot on Search Engine Results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. Generating and getting a consistent source of website traffic is the dream of every online business. If you don’t know how to attract visitors on your website to increase traffic and maintain your SEO raking then hire a experienced and proficient SEO Services in Noida. Without the support and guidance of a reliable SEO company, it is impossible to lures visitors coming to your website and converts them into prospects, loyal and long-term customers.


But a research report reveal that if you establish yourself as an authority with the lens of Google then it will definitely work to boost your visitors in Search Engine queries. But think a lot what happened after when you have got top position over Search engine result. After few days, you will come on that position where you start your journey.

Contrary to popular belief that raking for a scrupulous keywords or a website is only the half battle. The core codes of belief of Search Engine Optimization are continuously evolve and marketers and online business owners need to stay up to date with latest trends and methods.

We at SEO Services Noida, here are going to talk about how you can sustain keywords by which you have worked so hard to accomplish top ranking over search engine result within short span of time.

Keep Your Site Update:

It seems intuitive and innovative method to generate a consistent source of website traffic of every online business. In the internet marketing niche Google give priority those sites that have quality content and content freshness. So if you want to get top rank over search engine result and want to maintain it then you should need to update your website with quality content.

keep update

Don’t forget to add an assortment of videos and images to your web portal because it will enrich your readers experience and entice others to visit and link your website. It is great way to maintain your position in Search Engine result.

Speed Up Your Website:

Speed up your website because it has long been a most important and innovative factor to enhance ranking of website. In this advance technology world, mobile and other smart devices take place of searches. So if your website takes enough time to load a page then visitors like to go with another one where they get instant result.

To improve the speed of your website, jump to a faster and more reliable hosting services. To enhance download speeds of content use a more reliable content delivery network and enable compression on all images on your website. It will surely help you to speed up your website.

Enrich Your Link Building and Try to Expand It:

This sounds intuitive; there are n numbers of marketers who focuses on quantity rather than quality of backlinks. So if you want to get top rank on search engine result then expand your inbound links to all various pages that you have in your website. The strategy will surely diversify your backlinks profile to enlarge overall authority of your website.


Social Media Engagement:

Social media network is an ideal place to enhance visitors to your website and convert them into royal and long-term customers. If, it is optimized in well manner then Social Media engagement prove one of the most important factors to get top rank on Search Engine.

From a research report, it is abundantly clear that social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc. are posses a high rank Page Rank and an authority brand in Search Engine result. The way truly proves beneficial for you to boost and uphold your website rankings over the long time.


Build Outbound and Internal Links:

To receive a good result, build outbound and internal links within your website. Sending and building outbound links to some authority brand helps Google and other Search Engines to determine relevancy of your web postal.

Building internal link is another and quite effective strategy to maintain your keywords ranking. When both are done properly, it will help Google to better understand the importance and topical focus of each page.

Apart from these, there are a lot of effective strategies and techniques to get top ranked over search engine result that you get by visiting web portal of highly experienced and proficient SEO Company Noida.



Windows 10 Apps For Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Rollout

No doubt, there are millions or billions of users of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on windows. The demand is rapidly increasing day by day, as the result it has gained huge popularity, these days. It is proven boon for those who want to achieve large numbers of buzz to their site. With the arisen of Windows 10, people are like to using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on it. To make more entertaining and attractive, Product Manager of Facebook, Davis Fields introducing Windows 10 apps for Facebook and Messenger on desktop and Instagram on mobile. And we at SEO Services Noida, share it on our blog to introduce readers about this Window 10 apps.

Windows 10

These days, Instagram has become an essential element of social media marketing and it is really a useful social media platform where one can show their company’s human side. By considering rapidly increasing demand of social media networks windows comes with 10 Facebook, Messengers and Instagram apps.

The most significant thing about these apps is that they will load quickly and easily without any expert’s guidance within windows and have lots of up-to-date features to make your access effortless.

Windows 10 Apps for Messenger:

The users of messengers are rapidly increasing; they like to chat with their friends on messenger instead of Facebook. When they are going to post anything, they use Facebook to tag people and share the posts. There are roll out a messenger app to keep your conversations going no matter wherever you are.


To make experience richer and enjoyable of Messenger users, along with some favorite and attractive features such as group conversations, GIFs and like stickers’ windows has native desktop notifications. Thanks to this windows new app who allows users to see when they have messages waiting for them with a live tile and notifications.

Windows 10 Apps for Facebook:

Facebook is an ideal platform for humanizing the brand and offering the audience a sneak peek and attract more followers and fans. The zeal of social networks users, building new Windows 10 Facebook apps come into the mind that make it fast and easy access the favorite features. Within only one click on start menu, the app starts and loads your news feed much faster rather than previous with your Facebook desktop applications.

All to thanks this app that remains you up to date with desktop notifications. Users can also pin a new Facebook live time which keeps you update from the activities done by your family, friends and pages you follow or like.


For the users, the app make easy and simple to share photos or posts to Facebook straight from your favorite apps of explorer. Along with reactions stickers in comments and right-hand column that educate you about friend’s birthday and event reminders, trending and topics more. With help of in-app browser, people can easily share and read multiple articles from their news feed.

Windows 10 Apps for Instagram:

Instagram become an ideal platform that has demonstrated tremendous growth from the past few years. First time when Instagram built for Windows, it was put by focusing on bringing the app’s core features to Windows Phone community as speedily as possible.

This time, Instagram roll out for Windows 10 mobile with all community features including Instagram Direct, video and explore. With the it, you can also see that Instagram for Windows 10 mobile supports live tiles that showing you updates right on your home screen. The old Facebook Windows 8 listing in the Windows store will go to replace with new Facebook Windows 10 app.


Later today, Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 will be available in the Windows Desktop app store and Instagram for Windows 10 mobile will be available in the Windows Phone Store. The good news for Windows 8 users is that they can choose to continue to use Facebook in the browser or can be able to complete free update to Windows 10 App.         

Tweet Multiple Report in a Single Report

Twitter always comes with lots changes and advance apps or technologies with marvelous opportunity for businesses and individuals. There are plenty of ways Twitter and other social networks help generate brand awareness on a follower base, increase visibility, enrich branding, communicate with and engage audience to drive traffic and leads to the website. In the past few years, there are lots of cool changes that help you to expand your reach with effective social outreach strategies.


For a businessman, getting more fans, followers and likes to increase your Social reach and maintain a social media presence. Being a reliable and professional SEO Company Noida, put their efforts in attracting more fans, followers and like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

This time, Twitter come up with new feature that allows you to report multiple tweets in a single report, in terms of safety. There are millions or billions of users who have account in this social network site. Most of people behave with an individual that they cannot tolerate. Previous times, they can’t be able to have any action about this behavior.

But, now everyone feels safe and secure while expressing themselves on Twitter. Some behaviors that cross the line into abuse are against of Twitter’s rules and it is easy for people to report any behavior that you cannot tolerate.

It is now possible to protect yourself and others with the improvement on the reporting process of Twitter which has ability to attach multiple tweets to a single report.


With the update and report makes it easier for you to provide more information about the extent of abuse as well as cuts the time it takes to do. The added context and report helps to investigate issues and also laid a helping hand to get them and resolve faster and easily than ever.

There is no other social network for which safety continues to be a top priority like Twitter. This year, they have more improvements that will give users even more control over the experience.

In the coming weeks, these changes you will see on iOS, android and also on Twitter and the users at worldwide level users can get access this feature and protect themselves with twitter easily that ever.

In order to get more updates on Social Media Networks stay tuned with SEO Services Noida and knows more about what comes next in Social Media platforms!

5 Top Most SEO Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed

Blogging is an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing your business. It is not only an effective way to communicate with esteemed customers but also help to linked with your main company. As any good and reliable SEO Services Noida will tell you, it is important to create a blog that works to achieve best SEO result. With a blog that works and gets so many people reading it but makes sure that people easily find it.


The mean is doing your search engine marketing research and ensuring you will optimized your blog posts for Search Engine Optimization, so that search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others rank your blog highly instead of others.

For Best SEO results, there are few ultimate tips available for perfecting your blog:

Post Unique and Relevant Content with Fresh Ideas:  

No doubt, Google and other search engines values only relevant, original and informative content. If the content is already been written various times, search engines only pass over your blog, this means it does not give it value. So just try to implement fresh ideas when it comes to write a blog. It will definitely come out at it from a different angle.

Utilize Most Relevant Keywords in Your Blog:

Keywords are always incredibly important for an on-page optimization. Taking a lot of time to thoroughly research most relevant and best keywords for blog, it will surely pay in the long run.  Make a list of highly searchable and appropriate words for your website, if you want to achieve best SEO results.


Build Various Social Media Profiles:

These days, Social media platforms gained huge potential to increase social reach. When you are going to utilize social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, LinkedIn and others, it is must to ensure that you have crosslink them with your blog and business website.                                                                          

Optimize Respective Theme and Images:

As a proficient SEO Service Noida, we have talked a lot about the words and content but images and theme are also plays an important role to optimize a website or blog. To boost the position of blog’s organic ranking over the search engine result, utilize relevant description of photo.

Before optimizing respective theme, make sure that your code is clean and easily searchable by search engines. Ensure that your blog doesn’t have any broken navigation menus and links.

Build Relevant Links:

Building relevant links is an actual gateway to get your blog noticed over search engines. Relevant links in your blog post help readers to link through both externally as well as internally. If you have mention in your website that it is covered on your company website, you must ensure that it include a link to that page.      

Best Techniques to Improve Domain Authority of A Website

These days, getting traffic to a website will be the most significant of any webmaster and blogger. Most of SEO professionals concentrate of on-page or off-page SEO to gain popularity among the visitors but what about the outdated content and techniques that won’t work for the site anymore? This forces the page rank and domain authority to have the command to rank better in Google and other search engine result. You already know how to boost page rank and drive undisputable traffic to your website.

There are lots of website who rank for terms and queries even they have less information and written than your site but still get high rank. This is the result of Domain Authority which abbreviated as DA. It not only helps you to rank for keywords but also makes your site appear authorities to search bots. The means is that whatever you write is considered important that indirectly means lots of sponsored post requests, more followers and value of your blog and site.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a website metric which abbreviated as DA. It is a best prediction of website which can rank high of your website in search engines. If your site’s domain authority is above 35 to 40 then it considered to show some authority over search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.

In simple words, it show the number of root domains which links to the different pages on your website instead of all links pointing to your homepage while every page of the site has own page authority.

It directly reflects that if your website has n numbers of links from different pages then it considered as a rank better rather than other sites. Eventually, the rank of domain authority is deliberated by merging few metrics such as number total links, moztrust, mozlink and etc.


If you wish to know how to increase your domain authority then you are in best place. SEO Company in Noida will help you to get it all in an effective manner.

Those days are gone when Google used to rank up the sites which had high PageRank and now it’s all about the Content, proper SEO factors and backlinks which help you to rank up a site in Google and other search engine result.

To Speed up your site’s DA, you need to follow some simple techniques that below mentioned:

 Established Good and Deep Linking:

Deep linking is first and most important techniques that give your website high Domain Authority. When you are going to build an authoritative website, first ensure that all inner pages are strongly built to each other. Make sure that each pages of your website have own authority, if the page don’t have then create and optimize each page for specific keywords. In order to show up Google, it is necessary to build a lot of backlinks.

If you do it properly and successfully build trust into each of these internal pages then definitely you become able to build a undisputable Domain Authority I long run.

Linking Root Domains:

Studies revealed that Domain Authority is highly dependent on the numbers of Domains or sites linking to you. Getting 100 links from one domain is no better rather than having 50 links from other 50 different domains. It looks for how many sites are linking to the site which indirectly help you to increase the value of you site and blog.

link chains

High-Quality Content:

High-quality content is the backbone of every successful authoritative website that always keeps you at top of the search results. Well, it is not only huge and vast content pieces; it is suggested by the Google that always try to give something new to the table through your content which considered as high quality content. When you write quality content and post it in your site, it tends to rank high which indicate that more people will be linking to it.

Go with Social Media Optimization:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumb1r, Vine, Meetup Tagged, Classmates and etc. are the name of some popular Social Media platforms. If your website actively participating in Social Media Platforms then it is sure that Google shoots up your site to top 10 ranking of first page easily. It can give you referral traffic and value too that indirectly means a rise in your Domain Authority.

Do Proper Off Page SEO:

To have positive result over the search engine sites, you have to do proper Off Page SEO. Guest posting, social bookmarking sites, blog commenting and etc. are some major points of your off page SEO strategy. These strategies will surely help you to improve your Domain Authority.

Now, you become able to improve Domain Authority of your site through using these topmost effective techniques.

Promote your Business with Local and National SEO Services

Increase the productivity and service of your business by promoting it over the huge global platform internet. Search engine where large numbers of people visit at every second to search out the answers of question is the best place to sponsor the product or brand. Choose local or national SEO service as per the desire to provide a high ranking on the list of various search engines such as Google, Bing and yahoo.


Providing a top position among innumerable corporations is not an easy task because search engines have their own algorithms that keep changing with the time. SEO Company Noida has deep knowledge about these methodologies as well as the ways that are used by online users to find out the information. The skilled and innovative experts offer the services with full dedication and professionalism to increase the traffic on client’s website. Local SEO services are offered to improve the visibility on the local area searches of search engines.

SEO experts plans the effective strategies after analyzing the client’s business and problem then utilize various techniques to make the web portal user friendly. SMM (social media marketing), local area search, link building, SEO marketing and content development are some of the methods that are used by the professionals. Relevant keywords are selected and submitted in the website with the appropriate and high quality content. When the user type any term related to the keyword on the searching area then the required and unique information appears in front of them.

The online user clicks only at those websites that is easier to use and contain something useful. Continuous feedback is taken from the customers regarding their SEO services and further solutions are provided after analyzing the client’s response. Choose the legal SEO Services for your business and build ideal image on the search engine to attract new users and maintain the existing one.

Not Able to Get High Ranking? Take SEO Services for Guaranteed Results

Have you tried everything to get a high ranking on search engine result page but still not able to do it even after spending the huge amount of money? Search engine optimization is not an easy task since it requires the use of inventive and award winning techniques, strategies, methods and tactics. Search engines crawls the websites using various algorithms and take the high quality of web portal on first page of search results. Thus, it is required to keep an eye on the working procedure of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

SEO Services Noida

Choose the Best SEO Company Noida and create the phenomenal online presence by appearing on the top position of search engine result page (SERP). The skilled and erudite experts always employ innovative and serviceable techniques to increase the ranking and driving the desired traffic on client’s site. Get more bounce for the ounce by hiring the experienced SEO professionals who provide result oriented services by improving the visibility, increasing the sales, generating more leads, bringing the relevant website traffic and creating the brand awareness. The websites are monitored and maintained regularly to check the performance or results.

To stay on first page of search engines without any fluctuations, it is essential to keep updating and engaging the consumers by providing useful and pioneering information with various updates. SEO Service Noida offer guaranteed ranking with better return on investment and within short duration of time. It does not matter whether you are small businesses or multinational company, you can take the SEO services for boosting the business, building the brand credibility and get online success.

Apart from the main search engine optimization tools i.e. content writing and keyword optimization, the experts use an array of techniques such as link building, Meta data descriptions, article and press release submission, blog submission, back links and lots more. By providing the helpful information to the consumers and moving with the wheels of search engines algorithm or working, the companies can get guaranteed ranking.

Boost Your Business with SEO Services in Noida

Craving to promote your product and services online in most effective manner then why not you choose SEO Services in Noida, providing comprehensive search engine optimization service to enrich search engine visibility and also assist you to hold top position on first page of search engine result. A professional SEO company can lift your site above your rival companies and competitors in this competitive pace of business world.


Today, search engine optimization is a proven marketing strategy that encompasses enumerated tactics like keyword generation, link building, content optimization, and lots of more beneficial and state of art techniques and methods are used to get more response for business. Most of companies invest in making a creative website to achieve targeted traffic but that’s not enough, it requires numerous marketing strategies. In that case, SEO Services Noida proven marketing strategies to get potential traffic for enrich the ranking of a website.

There are so many companies’ offers SEO services to improved ranking, enhance quality traffic and add to the ROI of the business. But a professional Search Engine Optimization Company can optimize your website on all search engines, some of them are Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, AltaVista and many others. To shape future of your business and to boost the website on search engine ranking page (SERP), often they follow two popular methods such as on page optimization and off page optimization where the word optimization covers link building, link exchange, organic search engine optimization and many other services that lift your business above to your competitors and rival companies.

SEO services includes Social Media optimization the enrich the visibility of your website on numerous social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. If you are one of them who want to attract more visitors on their website to increase traffic then SEO services proven marketing strategy that targeted desired audience to increase traffic for generating brand awareness and build credibility. The highly skilled trained and professional SEO experts develop proven strategies and uses state of the art techniques that engage your customer and bring higher ROI.

When you hire a professional SEO company, they do everything that proves profitable for you wrapping all phases such as keyword research and analysis, content creation, technical SEO audit, market research competitive analysis and many others. Most of companies’ proffers conversion based Search Engine Optimization services to pulls the attention of millions online visitors and convert them regular customers, get more sales, leads and traffic that surely boost your business with higher profitability and undisputable presence at across the globe.

How to be Successful in Content Marketing Strategy?

The business establishments, regardless of their sizes are getting more strategic with their content marketing program. It is indeed good news. But, it has a flip side as well. Lots of entrepreneurs complain that their content marketing strategy is not working and they do not know why. If you are the one who spends considerable amount of time and energy on content marketing, but fail to get the results as per your expectations, you should take a step back and review your ongoing work.  Here is the common cause for the fiasco of the strategy. Also mentioned is the way out:

content market services

  1. You are yourself not Clear about Your Goals: If you are yourself not clear about your goals, what to expect from the rest? You, as the head of your financial establishment, must be clear as to what your goals are: whom you are going to target?, what are your USPs(Unique Selling Points)?, and so forth.


  1. You do not have a Thought Plan: The content writers who will be working for you will be like your actors. And unless you direct them eloquently or you are yourself not clear about your plan, you can never make them write good content (film). Hence, it is quite imperative for you to be very clear about your thought plan.


  1. There is an Issue in the Quality of Content: A poorly-written content does more disservice than good for a website. Instead of augmenting, it loses customers. Hence, it is always a prudent move to hire an expert even if you need to write not-so-impressive content.


  1. There is no Reader of your Content: There may be the situation when your article is good quality wise, informative as well. But, there is no reader. If you are one of those facing this problem and think that all you hard work is fetching nothing, your content marketing program needs to include a plan for smartly sharing your articles with your social networks and republishing them when your prospects start hanging out.


  1. You have Consistency Problem: Consistency is a must for the effective content marketing Publishing high quality and informative content on your company’s blog will prove to be extremely instrumental in building and maintaining trust with prospects and engaging your customers. The blogs on your company’s page give your prospective clients that you are not focused only on selling your products. You are quite sensitive towards their problem and offer the solution. By constantly publishing the blogs that your projective clients can use, you can score brownie points over your competitors.


  1. The Content of Your Company is not Optimized: Writing good content alone is not curing all. Making it compatible with the SEO Services Noida guidelines and Google algorithm is also equally important. Contrary to the popular belief that the choice of the keyword and its placement within an article no longer matters, it is very important to place your keyword phrase naturally in your content. Simply put, if your content is not properly optimized, it will fail to make any impact.