9 Powerful Trends that Will Rule the World of Digital Marketing in 2018

Businesses are forcing the power of social media, utilizing it at a wonderful rate. It is right time to get your plans in place depend on the latest marketing trends that will rule social media in 2018. The marketing domain is varying with technology at a fast speed and that’s the main reason it is essential for marketers as well as businesses to understand and examine trends that will organize the digital market.

It is always the best idea to enhance your online strategies based on past drives and experiences as well. But if you don’t find out for trends that might come in the future, your business might miss the bus! To protect you from missing out on these innovative trends, the expert from SEO Services Noida is providing top 9 marketing trends to look out for in 2018!


  1. Instagram live stories

Instagram live stories are taking Instagram by the storm! Although the concept of live stories is most common with the geek generation, a greater part of the users are more vigorous on Instagram as compared to other social media channels. Even though Snapchat began the concept of stories, Instagram is first in the game thanks to the nature of its platform. With influencers, celebrities, businesses as well as brands wanting to increase their traffic and contact, most profiles are open to the public and are consequently more probably to get pursued by strangers.

With live stories, people and organizations have the wonderful chance to engage with its audience in real time. Live videos suggest a feeling of curiosity to know what somebody doing in real time, while the thought of never having an opportunity to see it after 24 hours makes it persuasive to check!

  1. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, in 2017, has been a best part of social media marketing and it considers that it is only going to get superior in 2018! Unlike pre-2017 when brands and businesses used celebrities to support their products as well as services, influencer marketing appears to be ascending to the top of the selection list. Influencer marketing has been one of the most thriving techniques for brands trying to support their products and services, especially because they don’t have to shell out big bucks to get a super-star to approve these products. Without any doubt, they possibly still have to invest money or give out freebies, but it still works out better than investing a million dollars for Beyonce to post a picture on her Instagram. The other big reason by which influencer marketing is doing well is because it comes across as a more authentic suggestion. Think about it! If you see a most popular personality promoting a product or service, what are the chances that they really do use as well as recommend it? Social media influencers are no longer just actors or celebrities, they are now normal people with a large follower base.

With collaborations between brands and influencers growing by the day, more and more people are getting in touch with brands to look for barter deals to promote products and services of their favorite brands!

  1. Connecting with consumers

Traditional marketing utilized to involve some serious brand promotion but over time brands, businesses as well as individuals have realized that engaging with a user or consumer comes much before trying to make a sale. These days, brands are trying to increase user engagement through story-telling, real customer testimonials, personalization, being easily accessible and by treating users like a friend. A user’s attention can be no longer grabbed by sales and promotional material. Instead, users are more likely to engage with a brand’s online communication that successfully offers interesting and unique content, something that a user would genuinely be interested in. Successful Online marketers understand the value of building a relationship with a user in order to instill loyalty. When a user becomes loyal, a sale is made automatically. Of course, brands or businesses must provide valuable products or services in order to achieve this.

  1. Engaging content that connects with customers

Advanced marketing, fruitful lead generation, client engagement as well as online networking is all about content. Whether it is written, visual or realistic, good content is the central factor for successful brands or organizations. Throughout the years, much has changed in technology and how the world functions. Yet, extraordinary content has constantly won with regards to buyers who purchase products or services or even engage with a brand.

The best way to analyze as well as arrive at the kind of content that is liked by your client base is to examine your past campaigns and recognize the type of content that was more successful as compared to the rest.

  1. Twitter will fade

Passing by the current year’s Twitter investigations, one can watch that Twitter lingered behind and Instagram surpassed it this year. Twitter, which was a hotspot for certain time term for organizations, has now lost its appeal. Despite the fact that Instagram is the channel that is known for ‘instant’ posts where every second counts, content shared on Twitter just keeps going around 1 minute. This implies that posts on Twitter are easily overlooked by clients, making it a counter-productive channel for organizations and brand trying to amplify exposure. Ever since Instagram changed its calculation to displaying ‘interest based pictures first’, Instagram has assumed control as the most utilized social media channel by people around the world.

  1. Rise of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is taking over the globe of technology at an extremely fast pace. From Google’s Self-Drive cars to Tesla’s battery driven cars, artificial intelligence is good to go to make our lives easier with growths in technology. Before you know it, artificial intelligence will be a major part of our lives and 2018 will be the starting of it. In 2018 you can expect to see artificial intelligence in areas such as marketing, online shopping, customer care and much more! Organizations and businesses will begin to incorporate artificial intelligence into their every day procedures such as helping customers to make a purchase, or answering questions like what, when, where and why as well. Artificial intelligence may not make a main entrance in the form of machinery or robots, but will absolutely break into the working of software’s and algorithms to assist organizations as well as businesses to achieve new statures of progress.

  1. Prominence of Videos

There’s something about videos that makes it all the more enticing to watch. With all the composed and visual content accessible on the internet at this moment, video content is taking the internet by the tempest! From live stories and some interesting videos to boomerangs and time slips, people, brands as well as businesses have experienced success in engaging their clients through videos. This type of content is being received by an ever increasing number of individuals as they understand how people are drawn more towards watching movement than a still picture. The way that a video is a moving image involves substantially more than an image or graphics and is easily understandable makes it more interactive as well as intriguing. 2018 will witness a surge in user-generated video content. An incredible pointer of the shift towards video content can be seen in Instagram and Snapchat trends of stories and live stories.

  1. Rise of the bots

Chatbots will change customer service executives. Chatbots are getting increasingly customized by the day as well as will soon change human customer services. These bots are programmed to adjust to a discussion, express and inspire emotion. The expanding demand for offering assistance to customers at their ease has demanded the replacement of humans by machines that are able for answering to customers and can give a perfect solution to a problem.

  1. LinkedIn will be used by businesses

LinkedIn will be the best decision of web-based social networking channel for B2B marketers. Much the same as B2C online marketers, B2B marketers are bound to utilize social media for business. This will be seen going all out in 2018 with an effective platform like LinkedIn. Its wonderful features make it feasible for marketers to widen their range to the right people immediately. With LinkedIn becoming a most famous hub for content on professional topics, businesses as well as brands are going towards boosting their presentation through content promoting. This assists businesses establish authority and set marketing trends.

Hope, these 9 tips will help you in making effective digital marketing strategies, which results in better ROI, lead generation and ranking on Google search engine.