Google Maps Marketing – Get Your Business Found by Potential Customers

If your business is doing so well offline and you want your products and service to become popular online then Google Maps Marketing is for you. Not only for you but for those business who didn’t get notice offline but using this tool you they reach locals and builds awareness about their brands.

The best part of Google Maps Marketing is that you don’t have to pay much to include this in your marketing strategies. In case, you don’t have idea about this new way for local marketing, the assistance is here. The digital marketing expert from SEO Company Noida will show you the big picture of Google Maps Marketing and how to do it effectively.

About Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing is not a rocket science but utilizing its functionality to build your business effectively to discover on Google Maps, when a potential customer searches for a keyword related to your business. In short words, it is to build your business listing that shows on Google Maps when someone searches for a keyword related to you services or products.

Many of the business owners also think that why their business requires such kind of marketing. The answer is simple. When you Google for any keyword, most frequently, you likewise observe Google Maps listings in search results which display above the organic search results. Hence, it is quite important that your business should rank higher on Google Maps for keywords that match to your products or services.

How to Start With Google Maps Marketing?

In case you would like to get your business featured on Google Maps, you require to make Google My Business listing and get it verified by Google. Google My Business is a free tool from Google for business handles their visibility across Google, involving Google Search and Google Maps.

Its local results are on the basis of three aspects – relevance, distance and prominence. Google merges these factors to find out ranking on Google Maps. You have to optimize your listing so that Google can effortlessly set up relevance and prominence of your business.

Here are some of the practices that one can do for optimizing Google My Business Listing:

  1. Enter Full Information

When filling in the business details, you should enter the complete as well as accurate data such as phone number, address and category so that anyone can reach you easily. Additionally, ensure that every information is latest and true.

  1. Verify Location

You must verify the location of your business to get top ranking in Google Maps. Basically, Google mails the postcard along with a pin to your address for verification. Some businesses are eligible for phone as well as email verification too. So you should confirm that whether your business meet the criteria for any such benefit.

  1. Enter Accurate Hours of Opening

Keep in mind to enter the opening hours correctly. This will permit your potential customer to know whether you are open or not at any given time. It assists Google set up this relevancy of your business. You must also mention, whether you are opening you business in special hours for holiday seasons or not.

  1. Manage and Respond to Reviews

The reviews also play an important role in the local ranking. You must encourage you happy customers to write reviews regarding your business and services. You may also obtain negative reviews and you cannot do anything about it expect responding to them following Goggle’s guidelines. Don’t ignore bad reviews instead answer it positively.

  1. Create High-Quality Back links And Local Citations

Good back links as well as local citations assist build prominence for you business. This sustains your Google Maps Marketing efforts. Therefore, you should never prefer low-quality links. According to your position in web results plays a crucial role in local results, you should take the help of the SEO best practices to obtain high ranking on Google Maps.


Google Maps Marketing is an economical still extremely successful marketing tool that can help you targeting the local audience. Simply, involve this in your marketing arsenal to increase local sales.