Latest Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017

 No doubt, it’s a fact that, the design of the website is quite influenced by mobile optimization. Talking about the recent trend, then it is purely dedicated to the use of wearables which are bound to have a great impact going forward. In 2016, it has been seen that wearables were high in demand. Web users value the place of UI in different gadgets.

While wearables are intended to amplify space, work quicker, and utilize less exertion, they are working on the belief system of ‘Less is More’ which will be transferred to every other gadget and platforms. Loading time will be exceedingly diminished with less diversion and disarray. Wearables are additionally expanding penetration of filtering innovation and data exchange to different platforms and devices.


  • Pop-out Menus and Hidden Navigation


Mobile phones have overpowered desktops as the most prominent browsing devices. This implies screen space is more important than ever. This is the reason it is important to shroud screen and windows until they are required. This permits you to appreciate such components images, videos, and text before coming back to the initial one. When looking for a Web Design Company Noida, demand abilities and skills that permits you to amplify on-screen use. The concealing menus and elements make a moderate or sleeker design that makes it less demanding to concentrate on the present assignment.


  • Split Screen


The possibility of a split screen might be contrasted with opening a site with two independent and separate cards. Truth be told, one of these cards may be the conventional smaller version. With a split screen, you have the ability of differentiating your content. For example, one-half may consist of images that get the attention of the visitor while the other has a navigation menu. This design makes an amazing and wonderful view that has a natural hierarchy.

The benefits of using split screen are –


  1. It helps you make a dynamic and extremely luring first screen.
  2. You can display two profound content classifications without making the viewer or visitor appear.
  3. It is simple to interact the connection between two content categories to the visitor or consumer.


This technique for configuration is utilized to recommend a connection between the two categories of content. They could be of equivalent significance, of contradicting essentialness, or even present alternatives. This approach helps the any web design company to build up an energetically visual webpage. The screens must show an association or relationship.

  • Material Design Lite


Material Design Lite or MDL works by improving the paper-like design language for the internet. A similar material science based guideline applies amid design. It permits the utilization of shading, motions, and layers to indicate usability and reflect how the gadgets connect with whatever is left of the world. What benefits does Material Design Lite offer to Web design services provider and the whole web society?


  1. The original benefits of the Classic Material Design are held with changes.
  2. The interface is life like which makes it simpler to learn.
  3. Since it is not based on javascript, it can be utilized over all gadgets.


The components accomplish both predictable weight and thickness. The platforms are additionally simple to redo to meet personal needs.


  • Yes to More Videos


Videos keep on stealing the thunder as content drivers and as backgrounds for content. The change to expect with web videos in 2017 is their amount. The style of generation is probably going to stay same, however a similar clip will be utilized a several times on various platforms. Other than being an unexpected component on website, videos will be the fundamental desire. Why will videos be more prevalent?

  1. They are exceptionally tempting to users
  2. They are easier in making passionate connection
  3. Contrasted with still images, videos are more flexible


The quality of the video will stay essential and in addition utilization of cutting edge cinematic techniques. They will be more uncontrolled where narrating is required. Auto-mute feature will get more refined.

  • Virtual Reality 

Present day web development is embracing the component of virtual reality. The gadgets as of now in the market will be empowered to experience virtual reality. This is intended to make the images more outwardly amazing. The scale must be proper and the component of distance regarded.

Web design environment is extremely unsurprising when you watch the current trends however create amazement now and again. 2017 is the same for web designers. One can just hold up and watch where the tide takes the web. What more enhancements are yet come to make websites more dynamic and appealing.

4 Simple Strategies For Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a way to draw indisputable traffic to a website over the search engine results. It is an essential and rapidly growing tool which helps a business in a big way. There are lots of online business owners who want to optimize their social media presence for getting web traffic that’s only possible by the Social Media Optimization. There are lots of people who running around the question why SMO is important for any business.


Most significant reason behind it is that the lines between the social media marketing and search engine marketing are becoming increasing day by day. They have been looked at as two separate and distinct aspects of the marketing to boost your company’s online presence. If you are looking to hire a leading company that proffers state of the art Search Media Optimization service then SEO Company Noida is best option for you.

SEO Company Noida

They always laid a helping hand in establishing the indomitable presence in Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others channels. In the simple word, Search Media Optimization can lift your site above your competitors and traffic to your site as friends encourage their friends to digest specific content. It is not just about building a bigger social media presence for your brand but also leads to enrich the Search Engine Optimization.

For Social Media Optimization, SEO Company in Noida uses lots of effective and winning strategies to offer you a strong social network presence without much effort.

Augment the Strategy:

A lack of Social Media strategy has been a roadblock for many companies. To a certain extent, it still fairly new because it is always keep changing and come with new once. Lots of companies feel that lack of strategy is the topmost barrier keeping them from becoming a social business. So if you want to optimize your social media marketing campaign, you need to augment you strategy with clear defined goals and objectives.

Optimize Company Profile:

Creating the profile of any company seems very simple and easy task for an individual, yet it is one of the first areas of SMO where business falls short. Your company’s profile page is your foundation, if it is weak then it is quite cucumber to build anything on top of it. So it is quite important for you to optimize your company’s profile. Use username, profile photo, cover photo and write clear state what your company does.

Share Content:

Most of you, probably heard the saying that “content is king” when it comes to SEO. Well, the same thing is true when we talked about Search Media Optimization. Content drives social media so it is well to say that without sharing quality content, you cannot be able to succeed with social media marketing.

Enrich The Posting Schedule:

There are lots of people who become fall to get higher presence over the Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. So if you want to get better result on Social media sites then it is necessary to optimize your posting schedule. There are pool of tools and tactics available to make this process a lot of easier through calculating the best time to post on the social media accounts for the highest engagement.