Best Techniques to Improve Domain Authority of A Website

These days, getting traffic to a website will be the most significant of any webmaster and blogger. Most of SEO professionals concentrate of on-page or off-page SEO to gain popularity among the visitors but what about the outdated content and techniques that won’t work for the site anymore? This forces the page rank and domain authority to have the command to rank better in Google and other search engine result. You already know how to boost page rank and drive undisputable traffic to your website.

There are lots of website who rank for terms and queries even they have less information and written than your site but still get high rank. This is the result of Domain Authority which abbreviated as DA. It not only helps you to rank for keywords but also makes your site appear authorities to search bots. The means is that whatever you write is considered important that indirectly means lots of sponsored post requests, more followers and value of your blog and site.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a website metric which abbreviated as DA. It is a best prediction of website which can rank high of your website in search engines. If your site’s domain authority is above 35 to 40 then it considered to show some authority over search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.

In simple words, it show the number of root domains which links to the different pages on your website instead of all links pointing to your homepage while every page of the site has own page authority.

It directly reflects that if your website has n numbers of links from different pages then it considered as a rank better rather than other sites. Eventually, the rank of domain authority is deliberated by merging few metrics such as number total links, moztrust, mozlink and etc.


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Those days are gone when Google used to rank up the sites which had high PageRank and now it’s all about the Content, proper SEO factors and backlinks which help you to rank up a site in Google and other search engine result.

To Speed up your site’s DA, you need to follow some simple techniques that below mentioned:

 Established Good and Deep Linking:

Deep linking is first and most important techniques that give your website high Domain Authority. When you are going to build an authoritative website, first ensure that all inner pages are strongly built to each other. Make sure that each pages of your website have own authority, if the page don’t have then create and optimize each page for specific keywords. In order to show up Google, it is necessary to build a lot of backlinks.

If you do it properly and successfully build trust into each of these internal pages then definitely you become able to build a undisputable Domain Authority I long run.

Linking Root Domains:

Studies revealed that Domain Authority is highly dependent on the numbers of Domains or sites linking to you. Getting 100 links from one domain is no better rather than having 50 links from other 50 different domains. It looks for how many sites are linking to the site which indirectly help you to increase the value of you site and blog.

link chains

High-Quality Content:

High-quality content is the backbone of every successful authoritative website that always keeps you at top of the search results. Well, it is not only huge and vast content pieces; it is suggested by the Google that always try to give something new to the table through your content which considered as high quality content. When you write quality content and post it in your site, it tends to rank high which indicate that more people will be linking to it.

Go with Social Media Optimization:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumb1r, Vine, Meetup Tagged, Classmates and etc. are the name of some popular Social Media platforms. If your website actively participating in Social Media Platforms then it is sure that Google shoots up your site to top 10 ranking of first page easily. It can give you referral traffic and value too that indirectly means a rise in your Domain Authority.

Do Proper Off Page SEO:

To have positive result over the search engine sites, you have to do proper Off Page SEO. Guest posting, social bookmarking sites, blog commenting and etc. are some major points of your off page SEO strategy. These strategies will surely help you to improve your Domain Authority.

Now, you become able to improve Domain Authority of your site through using these topmost effective techniques.