5 Top SEO Tips For Higher Rankings In Google

We describe 5 top SEO tips that will improve your rankings in Google first page and you generate leads within a couple of month. By using these SEO tips you’ll be able to crush any niche, dominate your market and promote ANY business as fast as possible, and if you’re competing in local markets, your results will be astounding to say the least.

Before we go into detail about our SEO tips, you need to know that we’re not gaming Google here. This is the reason why we can get sites to rank quickly and more importantly stay there. There’s no loophole or backdoor so to speak with these SEO tips.

In fact, if you look through all of Google’s past literature on how they rank sites fastly, you’ll see that what we’re doing essentially is giving Google what they want.

We’re setting our websites up the way Google wants us to set our websites up with these SEO tips…cool huh?

Unless Google changes the way they rank sites in the future, or a new coding standard is introduced worldwide (forget algorithm updates…we’ve been though all those and our sites still stay in 1st place!) you’ll have complete piece of mind that by using our SEO tips, your site will still survive. Ok, let’s get started with our list of top 5 SEO Tips…

SEO Tips Number 1: Use An Exact Match Keyword Phrase In The Domain Name

We won’t go into detail about keyword research in these SEO tips, otherwise we could fill a whole blog up. But, whatever niche you’re targeting, always try to get the keyword you want to rank for as an exact match domain name. Don’t add any prefixes, suffix or slashes etc. For example, if we was to try to rank for “SEO tips” (like we have already with this site) you can bet your bottom dollar that www.seotips.com has already been taken.

So in this example we found an aged domain that contained the keyword in. (See quick SEO tips below for more details about this method) Your best bet is to try for a .com, .net or .org. We’ve been having some great success with the .co variety, and there are still quite a few .co exact match keyword domains out there. I’ve also seen success with the .info domain extension as well. For an example of this, search for “free spyware removal” on Google. Currently there’s a .info in top spot getting a fair share of the 14,800 monthly searches!